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I have gotten tired of trying to put everything in a category so these are all the rest that didn't fit in on of the posts before.

Stuffed peppers: These are so easy and so good. We make these a lot. Always a little different than the last time.
Stuffed spaghetti squash: I put so many things in this I can't even remember. It was all about using things up in the fridge.

Honey mustard salmon: KC still remembers this one. He loved it. I will definitely make it again. KC's mom has made it too. She seems to like it.

Biscuits and gravy: One of my favorite breakfasts.
Spinach, sweet potato fritata: It was an interesting combination, but good all the same.
Grilled chicken, spinachmozzarella omelet: We like our breakfast for dinner.
Pork roulade: Both of the next pictures are a blue cheese pork roulade I saw on Good Eats. It wasn't my favorite, I'll admit, but I like to try a lot of different meats and ways of preparing them. This pic is before it is cut, and the bottom one is how it was served.

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