Sandwiches are so good an often times under rated. The possibilities are endless. I love a good juicy sandwich.

Turkey cherry sandwich: I had this for lunch everyday for a week, I liked it so much. It was cream cheese, spicy brown mustard, cherry preserves, turkey, spinach and cheese, on an onion bagel, broiled until the cheese was melted. I only had it this way this one time. The other times, I had it cold without the cheese on top. Delicious both ways. Whew, long explanation.

BLT: I think I used pepper jack in this one which added a whole new element to this classic.

Egg salad: Ah.... I love a good egg salad. Curly fries make it even more delicious.Except, I usually would choose salt and vinegar chips as my side dish.
Turkey Burgers with baked sweet and russet potatoes: I researched on how to make these potatoes just like The Outback. They were nice a crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.
Turkey mushroom burger: Similar to the above but tons of mushrooms in these bad boys. KC loooooooooooooves mushrooms.
Bagel breakfast sandwich and roasted potatoes:
Bagel and eggs: I suppose this is a sandwich. An open faced one. It looks like spinach and turkey eggs on a toasted and buttered bagel. We love breakfast for dinner.

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