Pasta, and things like it.

Unfortunately there are few recipes to give here since I can hardly recall what I put in myself.

Whole wheat mac and cheese: This is Alton's recipe. I think I added ham and broccoli to mine.
Lasagna: I love lasagna. I never make it with out spinach.
Creamy veggie pasta: Looks like another spinach and pepper concoction. Quick and easy.
Spinach Gnocchi: I guess this goes with the pastas.
Vegetarian Carbonara: Loaded with peppers, yellow and green squash, and of course garlic and onions. I made this when our landlord came over for dinner.

Whole wheat linguine: Spinach, turkey bacon, chicken and fresh tomatoes. Maybe goat cheese in there somewhere?
Beef Stroganoff: This might not be considered a pasta, but where else would it go?
Carbonara: This had ham, red peppers, onion, parsley and garlic.
Whole wheat pasta with Chicken and creamy marinara: I can't quite remember what when into this one. Looks like there's broccoli in there somewhere.

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